Dr. Howard Oliver - Fly Fishing

Dr. Howard Oliver has extensive fly fishing experience, being active in the sport for nearly 15 years. 

Dr. Howard Oliver Fly Fishing

Dr. Howard Oliver has loved fishing all his life. As a kid, he enjoyed going out on the lake with friends and family learning how to fish with a traditional pole and live bait. When he was older he also enjoyed going out on the ocean to try out deep sea fishing. Most recently, Dr. Howard Oliver has picked up on the trend of fly fishing which has a completely different technique and style to spin casting or bait casting. 

The major difference is that the lure you are using for fly fishing, which is actually called the "fly", has a very light weight to it. A weighted lure allows you to throw your cast farther out while a fly cast may only go up to about eight feet.

The two most common casting styles, both of which Dr. Howard Oliver has mastered over the years are the roll cast and the back cast. There are many other casting methods based off of these two basic styles which include:

  • The Backhand Cast
  • The Reach Cast
  • The Tuck Cast
  • The Sidearm Cast
  • The Wind Cast
  • The Unsnagging Roll Cast
  • The Reach Cast
  • The Spey Cast
  • Among Others

For Dr. Howard Oliver, fly fishing is a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature. While traveling or on vacation, Howard Oliver loves to explore new rivers, lakes, and ponds and really soak in the scenery around him.

He enjoys the uniqueness of the sport and the artful motions of the different casting methods. Dr. Oliver is excited to continue improving his fly fishing skills and spreading the word about the great, somewhat unknown sport.