Dr. Howard Oliver - Forensic Pathology

Howard Oliver has specialized in the medical fields of pathology and forensic pathology for over 30 years. Pathology is the science of the causes and effects of diseases. It involves diagnosing and characterizing diseases by analyzing samples of body tissues or bodily fluids for diagnostic or forensic purposes.

Forensic pathology is a subspecialty of pathology in which Howard Oliver has a great deal of experience. As a forensic pathologist, Howard Oliver is responsible for determining the cause, means, and circumstances of a death of an individual who has died either suddenly, unexpectedly, suspiciously, or unnaturally.
In most jurisdictions, there are five main recognized causes of death. They are:
  • Natural
  • Homicide
  • Accident
  • Suicide
  • Undetermined
In order to determine cause of death, Howard Oliver analyzes the medical history of a deceased individual along with any evidence from the crime scene or witness testimonials. He will then perform an autopsy to determine whether the cause of death was due to injury or disease while also collecting any other potential evidence from the body. After a full investigation has been completed, Howard Oliver documents all of his findings in an official report. In some circumstances, he may be required to testify in court with his results. Forensic pathologists are often utilized as crucial witnesses in court trials involving a death.

Over his many years as a forensic pathologist, Dr.Howard Oliver has seen many interesting cases. He is known for performing the autopsies of both Yola King and Coretta Scott King, daughter and wife of one of the greatest leaders African-American Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

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